Oracle EBS Support

Oracle EBS is world leading service that drives productivity as business model evolve to meet modern mobile user demands.

Oracle E Business Suite Support

ONQU provides remote support for Oracle EBS services. Our EBS support can be leveraged as a top-up service to manage requirements at peak times, during annual leave, and over periods of skill transitions within your organisation. Our Oracle EBS support is more cost-effective than a consultancy or using contractors. Systems knowledge is kept within our team to improve accessibility limited by individually held knowledge.

The average Enterprise Site saves 40% of their support budget, compared to providing 24*7 operations in the UK. 

At ONQU, we use a combination of offshore and onshore resources to automate support functions and improve support interactions. We deliver full compliance and accuracy that maintains the service level’s responsiveness to maximise the support service.

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Annual maintenance, management, and upgrades

General inquiry support

Application development and integration

Replace Oracle-provided support to reduce operational costs

24/7 monitoring and incident response

Data extraction and backup

Reduced downtime

Security encryption

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