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IT Managed Services

ONQU Support provides remote support and managed IT services for enterprise estates operating Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server, and ERP Applications such as Oracle E-business Suite. We provide 24/7 managed IT solutions, working as the support team or as part of your support managed services.

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Managed IT service providers

With a managed IT service company and our certified expertise in IT managed solutions, your company will be able to tackle the significant challenges that business with IT face today. Our infrastructure management services have a clear focus on helping your business find cost savings through expert support, consultancy, and guidance.

 A crucial part of IT infrastructure support is to help organisations with security to avoid data loss. Data loss can have severe consequences for a company and damage the brand reputation and customer confidence that has taken years to build. With our IT infrastructure solutions, we can offer twenty-four hours a day pro-active monitoring to identify issues before you know they are happening.




IT infrastructure management services

 ONQU IT infrastructure services will help your company with:

  • Database upgrades, patching, migrations, DR and HA
  • Advice, help, and consultancy for your Robotic Process Automation
  • Cloud planning, migrations, design, and delivery
  • ERP customisation, modification, and enhancement

 Our goal is to ensure your company can use its internal resources effectively by focusing on its business. We take care of your support needs – including SAP cloud support – so your workforce can continue with the essential role of running your business as usual.



Managed IT Support Services

ONQU Support provides remote support and managed IT services for enterprise estates operating Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server, and ERP Applications such as Oracle E-business Suite. We provide 24/7 managed IT solutions, working as the support team or as part of your support managed services.

 Technical support and IT infrastructure management are crucial for your business or organisation to work effectively and maintain productivity. We customise our Managed IT support services to your company and needs.

As a managed service provider, ONQU can provide part or full IT systems management for your applications, databases, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Cloud consultancy and migration services.

We complement our managed services IT support with IT infrastructure project management. ONQU can help you with everything from the best principals configurations to RPA consultancy.

Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL Database Support


UiPath & Blue Prism RPA Managed Services

ERP & Oracle Applications Support

Project Support & Consultancy

Cloud Migration Services

24*7 Monitoring and alerting

We provide complete or complimentary support 24*7 - So you can focus on your own business

ONQU services can work as part of the support team, as the support team or as a top up when demand increases or project work takes internal resources away from business as usual support.

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Indicative Cost Saving and Statement of Service (SOS)

As part of the initial investigation ONQU will help to define the value of using the support service in comparison to the current service.

Using a workshop based methodology ONQU will produce a Statement of Service defining the service to be provided. 

Current Cost Calculator - How much is you support costing you?

The current cost calculator can be applied to eitehr a support function within your organisation or can be used when assessing the extra cost in operating a 24/7 support environment.

Discovery Assessment - Statement of Service

This is based upon the current support service , the numbers of staff, the supported hours (9-5, 8-8 or 24^7) and the level of technical skills required to support the environment.

A Statement of Service (SOS) will be produced detailing the investment reequired, estate inventory to be supported and support metrics. Historical support data can be used to deefine the typical issues that arise. 

Support Service Take-On Plan

Once engaged with ONQU Support and the SOS scaope is agreed, a take on plan is created and used to capture all of the technology environment, internal practices and documentation.  


24*7 Database and Applications Support

ONQU provides full or part service database and applications  support 24*7 this includes pro-active, threshold monitoring that identifies issues before users do.


Our database support and consultancy services monitor the health, performance, and security of your databases. Start working with a top managed services IT support provider and get the backup you need to keep things running smoothly.

ERP Applications

We offer Enterprise Resource Planning support for systems such as Oracle’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) software suite and Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS).

High Availability, Disaster Recovery and options

When the unthinkable occurs, you need a MSP managed service provider that can help you recover your systems and data. If you are searching for managed IT services near me, contact ONQU today.

Project Services and Consultancy

As with all enterprise technology support it starts with an install. To be able to support the environment typically an environment must be created or configured to best practice principles first. ONQU project delivery services deliver this value.

Database Upgrades, Migrations, Patching, HA and DR

Housekeeping and maintenance are essential for security, and ONQU experts can carry out vital tasks such as installing upgrades and patches. We can also assist with database migrations, HA, and DR.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Advice, Help, Consultancy

We are here to help with advice and consultancy for companies using Blue Prism, UiPatch, or ABBYY OCR / ICR. With our RPA service, maintenance, monitoring, and security are handled by the experts

ERP Functional - Customisation, Enhancement, Modification

Need help with Enterprise Resource Planning? ONQU has expertise in systems enhancement, customisation, and modification.

Cloud Migrations, Planning, Hybrid Design and Delivery

ONQU provides digital transformation consulting for cloud systems and migrations. We can optimise your systems to ensure efficiency and help you drive business growth.



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