Application Resilience Reviews

Undertake a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Application Resilience Review with Additional Business focus to guide business stakeholders, IT and Business Continuity Teams .

Application Resilience  

ONQU provides a structure resilience review for hybrid cloud and cloud only applications hosted on AWS and Azure.

The service includes the identification, capture and publishing of key metrics and data that confirms the the application downtime risks, the Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives for a nominated application.

Workshop Delivery Methodology

Delivery is undertaken using a workshop methodology that is personally tailored to the application.

ONQU will work with stakeholders with the business, business continuity and application support teams to understand how the application is used and from a business perspective what would happen in the event of a failure, downtime or outage.

Data Points, Metrics and Evaluation

It is a key deliverable that cost to the business per hour of outage is confirmed and also what other considerations must be place on the application should it fail. These would include: 

  • What business areas would suffer
  • Would the outage be uniform across the business
  • Would there be any customer or supplier penalties
  • Any brand damage
  • Any compliance or fines
  • Any shareholder withdrawals
  • Could the application pose an existential threat 
  • Cost per hour to the business
  • Historic outages, reason and outcomes 


We present a cost-effective, fixed price engagement that lasts for 10 days. Our Application Review Services identify the perception of the business and application owners and present the findings to either show the application protection meets with the required RTO or RPO requirements of the business or not.

Once fully understood and discussed solutions can be proposed to mitigate any risk and elevate the current application protection to a level acceptable to the business.

If nothing else, the exercise delivers a certified approach to confirming that the application protection meets with the desired RTO and RPO of the business and applications owners.

Amazon AWS RA2 Review

The service incorporates the Amazon AWS RA2 application review at it’s foundation enabling a fast delivery timeframe with complete and comprehensive coverage of the application review process. 

Having access to a qualified consultant that can bring together key organisational teams and subject matter experts is crucial for businesses that want to maximise performance and reduce  downtime or risk to their mission critical applications. 


The ONQU team has developed comprehensive intellect in designing, formulating, and executing RTO/ RPO Workshops with guidance on planning, implementation, and disaster testing. We will help you leverage your application investments to drive performance and meet todays business challenges.

We deliver our services through discovery workshops, assessments, planning reviews and developments with a range of technical architecture, design, development and technical consultancy skills.

For a Free Application Appraisal of the service, please contact Steve Priestnall

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