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ONQU delivers expertise, proven knowledge and certified deliver capability for any organisation requiring Oracle Fusion Middleware, GoldenGate and Active DataGuard (ADG) Installations
ONQU provides assistance for all your GoldenGate and Active DataGuard project and Support issues.
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What We DO

GoldenGate is a comprehensive Data Migration Tool allow super fast and accurate data migration across Oracle’s Database technology and is also agnostic so it can be used with MySQL, SQL Server, No-SQL, Informix, etc. It is perfect for High Volume Data Transfer from one Database to the other allowing syncronous and asyncronus database migrations. GoldenGate is rapdily growing within organisations that need to move to Oracle Cloud, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or their own proivate cloud infrastructure. However, for set up and knowledge transfer you need a partner with the expertise to help and guide you. This is where ONQU can deliver advice and transfer knowledge.

Trouble Shooting

Whatever the question is with your GoldenGate installation we have the tools and expereince to help identify and fix configuration and runtime issues.We aim to transfer knowledge to the internal teams to enable self sufficeincy.

24*7 Support & Monitoring

We support across UK Offices hours through to full 24*7 to ensure that your GoldenGate project or installation is avaiable and should any issues arise our proactive montoring and support team are available to fix them.

Disaster Recovery and Resilient Configuration

As with all enterprise class systems and applications inclduing GoldenGate the key to keeping users and customers happy is to maintain uptime and application availability therefore make ONQU your partner of choice

GoldenGate Dashboard and Monitoring

1Place is a comprehensive management and monitoring product that complements Oracle’s GoldenGate real-time data integration functionality.OP improves monitoring and data issue resolution, saving significant time by notifying DBA’s where data migration failures have occurred at the data-line level.This means that DBA’s require less expertise and technical skills when Golden Gate is used in combination with OP.

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