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ONQU’s Cloud consultancy and migration services for enterprise Technology and Applications Database, Oracle Ebuisness Suite, Financials, SAP and Peoplesoft.

Oracle Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services

Unleash The Power Of The Cloud Services 

ONQU is the best choice of cloud consultants for delivering the cloud support that you need for your Enterprise technology Oracle EBS, SAP ERP, and Peoplesoft cloud applications. When it comes to cloud support, we have certified experts ready to help you keep operations running smoothly.

ONQU can help your business improve its cost-efficiency through cloud computing consulting and migration. Our cloud consulting services include planning design, transformation, and delivery.

24*7 Cloud Support and Pro-active Monitoring

Our 24/7 support and pro-active cloud monitoring can operate as part of your team or as your complete support department.

Cloud Problem Troubleshooting

When problems occur with your cloud systems, you need cloud support companies that can act rapidly. Our cloud support will meet these needs and reduce your expenses and downtime.

ONQU SUpport uses automated tools to continually and actively monitor your cloud environment for problems and issues. Whether on premise, hydbrid or in public cloud spaces your data and systems are well protected and care for.


Cloud Resource Management

Cloud resources are always avaiable and can be tunred on and off to meet demand. However, this flexibility comes at a price and if you are unable to manage the cloud resources effectively the benefit of scaling and descaling on demand is lost and is then very expensive. 

Our cloud resource mamagement tools and experience will optimise your cloud resources only as and when they are required.  


Cloud Support 24 Hours a day

ONQU’s cloud computing consulting services cover database technology, High Availability, Diaster Recovery and ERP Applications such as Oracle Ebusiness Suite.

We are one of the best cloud consulting companies in the UK with in-depth knowledge of Oracle’s cloud applications including Oracle fusion, HCM and Siebel.

Oracle Cloud Consultants

Our team has a diverse skill set and knowledge of the power of cloud to meet your company’s evolving needs. Our Oracle experts are available to size effectively and configure the provisioned servers, implement new functionality and perform routine tasks such resource management and switching severs on and off..

Tailored Support

We understand that business continuity is vital, and we offer functional user support through a bespoke, flexible operating model. We carry out technical optimisation in a manner that suits your organisation’s structure and operations.

Cost-effective Cloud Support Services

We provide our Oracle cloud support with transparent pricing that ensures you receive the help and advice you need cost-effectively. ONQU is committed to your success.

Cloud Migration Consulting

ONQU can provide digital transformation consulting, integrating essential elements such as cloud planning, designing, migrating, and delivery. We will help you select the right technology to accelerate your business and ensure best practices.

Stable and Scalable Solutions

Our cloud solutions will help your company drive business growth through technology. We will help you find incremental value through the implementation of your cloud strategy.

Cost-Efficient Resource Allocation

ONQU will deliver your cloud migration on time. We deploy and integrate solutions with minimal time-to-market to help you grow and scale your business.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Our team of experts will help optimise your company’s efficiency and operations by leveraging cloud capabilities. We are ready to help you implement and enhance your IT assets.

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