Suite CRM

 Suite CRM is recognised as a world leading, enterprise class Open Source CRM package. Unlike other SAAS products Suite CRM is resource based not per user.

Suite CRM Installation 

Project Deliverables

Before contemplating installing a new CRM an organisation must first define scope of the project and capture the data terminology that will be used in the new CRM system. 

In terms of the delivery function ONQU has a proven delivery methodology that covers the following:

  • Discovery Workshops (stakeholders) 
  • Data Model Build 
  • Business Unit CRM Configuration and /or Development 
  • Automate Test Cycles and Routines 
  • Business Unit Functional Testing and User On Boarding 
  • Sign off – Go Live 
  • Next Business Unit – Repeat
  • Measure against success metrics
  • Ongoing Development and User Support 

In combination to the delivery phase is the Production Clone and copy of the pre-production environment that is scaled by resources as more users join the system.

Financial Benefits

Because Suite CRM is open source it does not follow the traditional and more expensive per user model that other CRM solutions use that can be very costly as an organisation grows.

Suite CRM is implemented on a resource model basis that still allows the system to grow by adding extra systems power to maintain performance rather than cost per user.

The system is pre-configured with editable fields that admin users can change without the need for developers and this means that implementation times are greatly reduced. 

This approach significantly improves the Return On Investment (ROI) figures when comparing financial benefit with expensive pay-per-user SAAS CRM. Added to this is that organisations can request much lower levels of configuration change and specific functionality to meet individual business requirements.

Finally there is a whole ecosystem of extar pre-built functionality such as connectors, api points, plug-ins and adapters all certified and ready to be used that significantly reduce development times and testing. 


SuiteCRM is a proven enterprise class CRM software package that delivers comparable functionality to the leading SAAS CRM providers without the overhead and cost. With the ability to deliver a fully functioning solution in weeks and a proven implementation methodology ONQU is your partner of choice.

Whether you need a discovery workshop, development or implementation skills ONQU has the services and ongoing support services you need for SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM Implementation Specialists

Resource not user based pricing

Fast track implementation

Open Source Flexible Development

On-premise, Data Centre or SAAS hosting

Multiple API & add-on pre-built functions

Manage yourself or receive 24*7 support

On-ging development and regular updates

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