Oracle License Support

Oracle Applications and Technology are recognised as a World leading, enterprise class software  however, its Licensing Rules are complex and constantly changing.

Oracle License Support 

 License Estate Optimisation

With many transformation programs, organisations are faced with a large elephant license in the room. What to do they do about the historic License investment and debt associated with their legacy enterprise technology and applications.

Financial Benefits

To fully benefit financially from any transformation program, organisations need to rationalise their License estates and consolidate their operational costs before making any investment in new software. By undertaking this exercise as part of the transformation program significantly improves the Return On Investment (ROI) figures when comparing financial benefit with the combined ‘old and new’ estate.

Cost Neutrality

In many cases, the reduction in costs and consolidation of older enterprise-class software such as Oracle can contribute valuable returned budget to fund the modernisation program. ONQU can provide the required licensing expertise to deliver change at a reduce cost whilst mitigating any future expenditure through negotiating support contracts with the software vendors.

There are a number of proven methods that ONQU can share to help realise this saving and we have example use cases where our consultants have saved over half of the program costs especially with Oracle and large Microsoft database upgrades and moves in to the cloud.

Certified Oracle Database Specialists

High Availability - RAC, Strectched Clustering

DR Configurations - RMAN, Dataguard, Active DG

SOA and Weblogic Middleware

Virtualisation - VMWare, Oracle VM, Cloud

Healthchecks, Upgrades, Cloud Migrations

Performance tuning, capacity planning and configuration management

Security Assessment and DB Hardening

 ONQU Licensing Services

Depending on where your organisation is in the modernisation cycle ONQU can offer a range of services from giving clarity on options to consolidate to re-negotiating support or even working out if a contract can be cancelled.

The main services are as follows:

             • License Discovery

             • Business Cases for License reduction and future Return on Investment (ROI) modelling 

             • Consolidation mapping and implementation

             • Technology and Application Licensing Reviews

             • Legacy Support reduction and savings

             • Vendor Management and purchase negotiation

             • Optimisation Techniques

             • Cost and Risk Reduction

             • Open Source and replacement justification (Technical and Financial)

             • Vendor Audit Support (Ensure information is correct before submission)

Service Summary

Whilst this list is not exhaustive organisation engaging in these services can be confident that they are getting the best advice based on expertise gained from working with vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM over 20 years. This will ensure that your organisation minimises any new expenditure and maximises the cost savings before embarking on a modernisation or transformation program.

For a free consultation and discussion about your license challenges or if you would like to discuss how we can deliver the listed services please contact or phone 0121 803  8808 or complete the form with your details below:

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