ERP Applications Services

ONQU’s ERP Functional Support Services provide certified expertise for ERP Applications such as Oracle Ebusiness Suite, Financials, SAP and Peoplesoft.

Enterprise Resource Planning Support

As one of the UK’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning ERP service providers, ONQU uses the latest technology to drive your business. We believe in building success by providing the very best solutions and services with our ERP consulting team. Maximising value from your IT is achievable with ERP applications, and our ERP support specialists can identify the best solutions for your business.

 ERP managed services give you innovative solutions that will maximise efficiency and reduce costs. ONQU ERP consulting services deliver the tools you need to stay competitive. We work with clients across many industries and have the ERP tools and applications that are best for you.

Twenty Four Hour Support and Pro-active Monitoring

Our experts provide ERP system support

Database Problem Troubleshooting

When there is a problem ONQU fixes issues through a didicated support framework that helps to quickly identify the issue. By using a collection of in-house expertise, histroic information, previous expereince and comobing this with regular updates issues are typically rsolved quickly. For complex and difficult issues requiring vendor support ONQU managed the ticketing support on behlaf of the supported host. After every even a route cause analysis exercise is undertaken to prevent further issues repeating. 


ERP Implementation Planning

Our ERP implementation consultants provide fully customisable management tools, so they are perfect for your business needs. With ONQU ERP and CRM integration, you have solutions that can keep up with the demands of your business. As part of our ERP application support, system configurations are aimed at your specific needs and business model.

ERP Systems Integration

Our ERP software implementation and EBS support covers everything you need. From the initial consultation to integrating systems with ongoing support, we are there when you need us.

ERP Implementation

ONQU’s experts can help with ERP installation and business intelligence systems management.


ERP Consulting

The ERP and ERP consulting team have extensive experience across many systems, so if you need oracle ERP implementation, we can help.  We work with businesses to maximise the viability and longevity of IT systems.

Leading ERP services company

Among the ERP consulting companies in the UK, we are unique as we deliver solutions that will cope with today’s demands while also being future-proof.

Oracle SOA support

Our ERP support covers Oracle’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) software suite enabling your company to use a single management and deployment model.

Oracle EBS support

ONQU offers support for Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) of business applications including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ERP, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes.

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